Irwin Power Services, a Division of Irwin Industries, Inc.

Irwin's Environmental, Health and Safety Department consists of a full-time staff of specially trained and certified professionals.

Site Safety Specialists, who are specially selected for their assigned projects, become active members of the execution team, interacting directly with customer representatives, site management, field employees, subcontractors and others on the jobsite throughout the duration of the project.

The EH&S Department, in coordination with site management, actively works to identify and eliminate jobsite hazards. This is accomplished through a variety of preventative measures, including: jobsite inspections and evaluations; behavioral assessments; rewards and recognition; ongoing data collection and analysis and more. All EH&S related policies, procedures, systems and processes are documented in Irwin's comprehensive EH&S Manual.

Ongoing communication and employee engagement are integral to the success of Irwin's EH&S program. Employees are encouraged to actively participate, voice their concerns, share experiences and ask questions. Open, two-way communication is ingrained into our safety culture.

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