Irwin Power Services, a Division of Irwin Industries, Inc.

With decades of experience providing daily maintenance services at power generating stations, process plants, manufacturing facilities and other industrial sites, Irwin has accumulated a vast knowledge base of industry best practices and a top-tier roster of multi-disciplined craft professionals, site supervision and support personnel. Our reputation for providing safe, reliable, cost-effective service and keeping our customers' operations running smoothly exceeds industry standards.

Supported by a well developed, real world set of program management / project control tools and a qualifed staff of planning, scheduling, quality and safety professionals, Irwin maintenance crews bring the full support of the Irwin organization to work at your facility. We develop custom maintenance programs to meet the singular needs of each customer, aligning our field and office-level systems, processes, programs, goals and deliverables with those of our customer.

With our cross-craft / cross-trained direct-hire workforce, Irwin is able to consistently achieve greater results with smaller crews. Efficiency is continually improved through ongoing measurement and analysis using studies such as time-on-tools and delay tracking.

Put the skill and experience of an on-site Irwin crew to work at your facility, and redirect critical in-house resources to other high priority projects.

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  • Boiler inspections and repairs
  • Planned outage management and support
  • Forced outage support
  • Fuel handling systems
  • Scrubber systems
  • Material handling systems
  • Air quality control systems
  • Heater tube repair and replacement
  • Drum and vessel repair
  • Heat exchanger maintenance
  • Structural steel installation and modifications
  • Pipe fabrication
  • Project controls
  • Administrative support
  • Safety professionals